Materials Engineer’s Job


Material Engineer are multidisciplinary professionals who work in materials synthesis, processing and development whose job is integrated with other engineers and project and research areas. Materials Engineer work in several technological areas and in several industrial sectors, working in the managing and technical supervision of projects and materials production, transformation and use processes. Materials Engineers are responsible for the productive process. They work since the selection of raw material, up to the definition of the most appropriate methods for the development of the final product, and the specification of its best use. Additionally, Materials Engineers conduct studies, tests and evaluation of the materials to minimize costs, ensure the quality of the final product, enable the recycling of the materials and provide services, assistances and consultancy to teaching, development, research and scientific and technological development institutions.

Materials Engineers have a diverse job market and may work in metallurgical, automotive and polymer transformation industries as well as in material recycling and in cement, glass and ceramic companies. Petrochemical and steel companies are the sectors that most employ Materials Engineers. Like most engineers, Materials Engineers are valued in financial sector because of their solid knowledge in mathematics, and their capacity to solve problems.

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