The Academic Unit of Materials Engineering graduates Materials Engineers with strong practical foundation and meets the demands of the job market. Our infrastructure encompasses several Ceramic, Metallic and Polymeric Materials laboratories, which have equipment for materials processing and characterization, such as: X ray diffraction, X ray fluorescence, particles size distribution determination (micrometric and nanometric), differential, gravimetric and calorimetric thermal analysis, dilatometry, scanning electron microscope, atomic force microscope, infrared spectroscopy Fourier transform, UV / Vis spectroscopy, surface area and nitrogen adsorption porosity analyzer, mercury porosimetry, zeta potential and electrophoretic mobility analyzer, He gas pycnometer, rheometers to study dispersions and solutions, microdriometer, several universal mechanical testing machines, various conventional burning ovens, rapid burning ovens, high power microwave ovens, mills, pressing machines, extruders, injectors, etc.