The Materials Engineering Unit (UAEMa) of Campina Grande Federal University Technology and Science Center was created in 2002 from former Materials Engneering Department, and now encompasses undergraduate and postgraduate programs and aims to effectively and didactically integrate undergraduate, postgraduate, research and extension.

Aiming to integrate teaching, research and extension, UAEMa is organized in Administrative Coordination, Undergraduate Coordination, Postgraduate Coordination and Research Coordination. For this purpose, the unit has eighteen full professors who work in undergraduate and postgraduate programs and develop research and extension tasks.

UAEMa offers Materials Engineering Undergraduate and Science and Materials Engineering Master’s and Doctoral Postgraduate Courses and aims to graduate qualified professionals with critical, systemic, humanistic and ethical vision who are able to adapt to the demands of scientific and technological progress, as well as to understand the importance of political, economical, social and environmental aspects, in accordance with social demands.

Our infrastructure is made of several laboratories in synthesis, processing and materials characterization areas, which enables theories consolidation and guarantees the development of capable and trained science and technology professionals.